Election Information

The City of Cherryvale holds city council elections every two (2) years, but not every person who holds a seat on the council is up for reelection.

The City has a Mayor and four (4) council members. Two (2) members of the council represent the east side and two (2) members of the council represent the west side. Citizens living on the east side may vote for candidates of the west side, and citizens living on the west side may vote for candidates of the east side.

The Mayor may be from any side of town as long as they are a resident of the City of Cherryvale.

The Mayor and a member of the east side and a member from the west side will be up for election or reelection and once elected fill a 4 year term.

The other two (2) council members who were to elected must wait two (2) years before they are up for reelection. Two years after the Mayoral election, the other two council members will be up for reelection.

If elected those two council members will serve a 4 year term on the council.

The City holds the elections every two years. In one year there are three (3) members up for election/reelection and two years after that the other two members will be up for election/reelection.

To inquire about this process or to inquire about how to run for a city office please call City Hall at 620-336-2776.